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I have used these cards for two years and highly recommend them. The Gold Card offers 4 free visits to airport VIP lounges around the world, including the Landvetter and Arlanda lounges in Sweden. You get bonuses through your purchases and you can use the bonus to reduce the price of your plane ticket. In addition, you will receive travel insurance if you buy your airline tickets with these cards.

Apply! It's free for the first three months and then you can quit if you don't want to be charged for the rest of the year! American Express is not a credit card. The gold option [Gold Card] does not allow you to pay in installments while the [SAS EuroBonus] does.


Gold Card

Price : Free for the first 3 months

Priority Pass included : Yes, 4 free VIP visits per year

Travel insurance : Yes

Pay in installments: No

Rent: 55 days free of rent, then 15.99%

Bonus and points: Yes

Use the points to lower the cost of the invoice: Yes

Fast track at Ericsson Globe Stockholm: yes

Fast track airport in Sweden: No


SAS Amex Premium

Price : Free for the first 3 months

Priority Pass included : No

Travel insurance : Yes

Pay in installments: Yes

Rent: 55 days free of rent, then 15.99%

Bonuses and points: Only for the SAS program

Use the points to lower the cost of the invoice: No

Fast track at Ericsson Globe Stockholm: No

Fast track airport in Sweden: No

Accept my invitation and you will receive

500 points = 500 kr + your Priority Pass

Accept my invitation and you will receive points for a free flight in Scandinavia

It is the duty of each one to read the American Express conditions, I do not work for them, I am their client and I am recommending a product that I use

Every time you accept, I receive a small commission that helps me continue traveling and help you with benefits and recommendations.

Questions and answers

Yoel responds

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is the world's leading airport lounge program that offers you a Lounge wherever you travel, regardless of airline or class. Whether you travel occasionally or are a frequent and experienced traveler, Priority Pass can ensure that your trip always begins stress-free in one of more than 1,200 airport lounges in 500 cities and in 130 countries around the world. Through the Priority Pass mobile app, Members can also access benefits on shopping, dining, spa, and sleeping spaces at select airports

How do I get a FREE Priority Pass?

Once you have obtained your Gold Card from American Express, you will be able to obtain the Prioriy Pass card for free by requesting the American Express customer service.

How long does it take for the Priority Pass card to arrive?

Normally it takes two weeks, the card is sent from the United States, England or China, depending on the city where you live. In Europe it is usually from England.

I can request Priority Pass without American Express

Yes you can, but it costs you more. Since their program costs more and through American Express you receive it for free and includes 4 visits to VIP lounges around the world.

Have you had a problem?

I have never had any problems but the card has its rules based on the different contracts they have with the VIP lounges of the world. At the Los Angeles airport they would not let me enter the airport VIP lounge because, according to them, Priority Pass customers have access to the VIP lounge from 12pm to 6pm. For this reason, I recommend consulting the rules of each VIP room in the Priority application. Some have schedules, some don't, some include everything, and some don't.

Another example was at Bangkok International Airport, Thailand. I wanted to have a dusha in the room but it was not included for Priority Pass clients, I changed the VIP room and in the other it was included. For this reason, it is important to know which one to choose before entering.

What happens when I have used all 4 tickets per year?

You can continue to enter the VIP lounges but they will credit 20 USD to your American Express card. Even so, it is cheaper, normally an entrance to the VIP room usually costs more than 40 USD.

When you turn the year with American Express, your Priority card will automatically get 4 new free tickets.

I am Cuban, can I get these benefits?

Due to the economic blockade, Cubans residing in Cuba cannot opt for American Express. If you live outside of Cuba and have residence in that country, if you can.

Can I enter the Havana VIP Lounge with my Priority Pass?

Unfortunately, due to the blockade, Priority Pass cannot negotiate with Cuba. But the VIP room in Havana costs 35 cuc. You can enter by paying for the service.

Any other question?

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