The experience with Qatar Airways has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life!

An unforgettable experience!

Incredible service, extreme punctuality, neat planes make flying with Qatar a unique experience.

The business class is of a quality never seen before with details that mark important differences: delicacies without the need for hours to eat and drink from a wine list that many restaurants would envy by name, a toiletry bag delivered by hand by a staff who addresses you by your name, everything is a sum of details that make a difference. They make your trip different.

Everything is designed for comfort and convenience: from pajamas to slippers, and the detail of dreamy chocolates that add even more to the seats that become a bed with massage.

Saying goodbye to each passenger in a personalized way also adds up. In short, there are so many details that there is no possible comparison with other airlines.

Excellent company totally recommendable: friendliness of the hostesses, good and abundant food and drink, wide distance between seats, entertainment screens in individual backrest very well.

Our flight started at Hamad International Airport in the Qatari capital of Doha.

Unlike other airports, Hamad Airport in Doha has a session only for First and Business class. "Goodbye to long lines and inconvenience at the airport", although traveling with Qatar in economy class is also comfortable, the difference is enormous.

Welcome to the world of the famous I would say

When we left the taxi at the airport gate, a Qatari airline staff was waiting for us with their impeccable uniform to carry our bags

I asked of course to take a picture of us

Premium Check-in

We headed to receive our Doha-Singapore tickets, the staff sitting at their fine glass counter gave us our tickets very kindly. He still has to explain more about everything that was included in my ticket, it seems that he saw us with the face of “these people travel a lot in Business”. In this case I told the staff that it was my first time in Business with Qatar, then

Let me explain that I had free access to the Business or First class Lounge, which I could choose.

When we left check-in, two security personnel were waiting for us, who registered everything for us, that is if the security in Qatar is very high. They asked me to take off my shoes and all metal. My suitcase was a bit suspicious for them since it had 4 cameras and two long selfie sticks, they checked them and everything was perfect. We went down an escalator and here the airport shopping center. It's gigantism!

In the photo my travel companion Leila and an ambulance staff with their bicycle.

Unique in Qatar!

Here the famous bear that is in the middle of the airport. It serves as a measure of location.

This "teddy" bear is a gift from the Sheikha of Qatar to the airport. The thing is, this is not a soft teddy bear but a bronze one! It is a work of art by the Swiss sculptor Urbs Fischer that weighs 20 tons! and it cost 6.8 million dollars! It is just one of 28 works of art scattered throughout the airport.

Next to the bear, there is an information bureau. As I was told at check-in, I could choose a lounge, business or first class. We asked and recommended the business one, I asked him if the first class was better? I was told not to! Go to the Business one that you are going to love! Well, there we went even though my instinct said First class.

Upon arrival, they scanned our tickets to verify that we were in Business class and that we had access to it. The scanner lit green and kindly said Welcome sir! . The treatment was already first class, I felt like a rich Qatari. But here the same check-in problem, they did not give me any information about what was included and whatnot. As there were people waiting to enter, I did not want to bother and I entered very happy.

Upon entering: Oh my god what is this! A truly classy lounge! All shiny and impeccable tranquility. All the people very well dressed and a relaxing music that you seemed to be in a SPA. The staff poured from flight attendant Wonderful!

And as I often do when I get to a place that I have never visited before, I walked around the whole lounge. On the way I found a bathroom, but not just any bathroom. Upon entering there was a staff who treated me like a king, offered me hot wipes to clean my hands, at that very moment I realized that hygiene is at the top! I loved this bathroom, it had a shower and five-star hygiene products. The service from the staff was so high that it annoyed me a bit, since when I got out of the bathroom he asked me several times if I needed anything else. Ok, I appreciate that service but I want to enjoy my quiet bath, not for you to follow me as if you were a security agent.


When I got out of the bathroom, I found a seat to rest. Exactly one of these in the middle


I sat for 5 minutes when I asked the staff if they had any drinks included. The staff looked at me with the face of ((“What? You don't know?”)) They said “Everything here is included for you, upstairs we have a buffet and at the end in the corner an all-inclusive bar”. I said: WOW Thank you!

Yoel Fuentes left for the buffet! It was only an hour and a half before the plane took off and I didn't want to eat as I knew about the plane's banquet but I said, this is not repeated several times, I'm going to eat! : D


I told my travel companion, "if I knew this, I would have arrived 4 hours earlier" in two hours you do not have time to enjoy everything that your ticket includes. In the lounge we even had massages included. Wonderful for the beginning of the holidays.

With a full belly and a happy heart, we headed for the takeoff gate for our Qatar airways flight QR942.

Upon arrival we waited a few seconds before the staff announced that our flight was ready for embarkation. Business Class is always the first to seize a flight and I proudly rise from the waiting seat to seize the plane. Fortunately, I was the first to board, there were three flight attendants waiting for me, among them a Spanish woman who welcomed me as “Mr. Fuentes”. It gave me so much joy! / The welcome is in the video

My seat on 6A


I could'nt believe it! I have traveled a lot but in Business Class it was my first time, I said: "At last I don't have to go through the business session without suffering, because I'm going to sit here!" : D

I started taking photos and of course I was already drawing the attention of the staff who saw my joy in my eyes. Our nice flight attendant volunteered and took several photos of us

I was celebrating to the fullest like never before!

Pajamas, bedspreads, pillows, natural water and an Armani kit with perfumes and creams are included in each Business class seat. In the bathroom we included razor blades and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

To enjoy my trip 100%, I changed my clothes and put on my Qatar airways pajamas! What a Galician luxury!

I loved my seat with two windows!

Rosé wine could not be absent to complete the Finnish of Qatar.

The plane had not taken off and the flight attendant was already giving me the menu to choose which food I wanted. This was one of the things that I loved the most about this airline, as it was very well planned and they asked me when I wanted my food. Obviously it was full of the other food in the lounge, because I told them that I would eat in two more hours, they said “As you wish sir”.

At that time I enjoyed my touch screen and the system that this Airbus 350 aircraft model offers, it has three cameras and makes it possible for you to enjoy the flight in real time from outside as well. The plane was walking to get onto the runway while I enjoyed every moment and prepared my cameras to film the take off.

Once in the air, the cabin light changed to purple, the airline's color that, with its LED system, gave it a hallucinatory hotel touch! That beauty! The flight attendant asked me if he wanted a drink, I asked him if they had anything Cuban since he was Cuban. He brought me a free Cuba!

After a while, I took advantage and went to the bathroom to shoot photos

How beautiful this bathroom, everything looked very fresh and had some flowers in the corner. Armani products and state-of-the-art LED light

Outside the bathroom there was a small bar for business class passengers.

The pleasant flight attendant who attended us, praised us and liked our presence. He told us that we were a beautiful couple. We are grateful

Lunch time came

Here the starter. Exquisite salmon with salad and bread

For dinner: breaded chicken with delicious gratin potatoes

For dessert: I didn't order dessert because it was too much food, I couldn't take it anymore. Maybe they brought me some chocolates: D

An hour passed after dinner and I was a little sleepy. For our innocence



I kept saying: Wow how cute! What a surprise! My eyes watered, it was a super cute surprise! But apparently there was a confusion, the crew thought we were just married hahaha. I thanked them anyway, they brought us a sweet with a beautiful effect that said "Happy Honeymoon"

The Spanish hostess Isabel, who welcomed me and who worked in the kitchen that day, told me that the entire crew thought I was a famous Latino and my girl a famous model, they didn't stop talking about us about us, she said, I died of laughter. : D

The flight attendant gave me a letter signed by the entire crew, writing their names and wishing the best for us. What a beautiful detail

After this beautiful surprise called "MAGIC MOMENT" I slept like a king. To be honest, I slept 3 hours, when passing through India the plane had some turbulence and Leila beside me was scared. I looked at her and tried to cheer her up by saying "you are in an Airbus350 and in business class": D Apparently she did not calm her down and our dear flight attendants gave her support. In the end the "leveles" turbulence ceased and the flight continued southwest towards the Asian continent.

In the morning, breakfast. Here you could even order fried eggs! But I wanted something simple

Enjoy breakfast just 40 minutes before landing in Singapore

Don't stress me out at all: D

Upon landing I changed my clothes, I couldn't believe that our 7 hour flight was over. I had never flown so much without wanting to get off the plane. Wonderful pass

Before leaving the aircraft, I asked the airline for permission, which treated us with such care and like kings on the journey. I don't remember your name but

Thank you thank you thank you! You made me feel like the best traveler in the world!

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