Aerophobia or fear of traveling by plane

What is it and how to overcome it?

The fear of traveling by plane is one of the common ones, it is estimated that it is suffered by 95% of travelers around the world. As a psychologist, I began to have many patients with this fear so I decided to go further and create a way to support the people who came to me to fly calmly.


When someone arrives with me for the first time, it comes full of doubts that it seeks to solve in order to have a little more peace of mind when flying, although it is true that we are all different, the questions are usually the same, then I list the recommendations I give In these first sessions:


  1. Avoid the consumption of caffeine from a day before and during the flight, caffeine will make your body stay alert and can not relax easily.

  2. Seek to distract you during the flight: go prepared with activities that you like and can help you think about something other than fear, listen to music, read, draw mandalas, do crossword puzzles, download movies or series, whatever you can think of having fun and you can take on board.

  3. Do not travel on an empty stomach, this will alter your glucose levels whose symptoms are usually confused with those of anxiety.

  4. Travel with comfortable, baggy clothes and low shoes.

  5. Be on time: running against the clock to reach a flight can generate anxiety and stress that you definitely don't need.

  6. If anxiety begins to gain ground, you can try either of these two options:

  7. Breathe slowly trying to completely fill the lungs, with this you will be oxygenating better and your body will receive the message that it should relax.

  8. Try to write your name with your non-dominant hand, this will help your brain to focus attention on something different.

When to visit a specialist?


Use professional help when fear does not allow you to board a plane, if you have had panic attacks or if the anxiety is so strong that you suffer from days before the flight or during the flight preventing you from traveling comfortably.


For any questions I will be happy to support you, the contact details below:


Consulting room: Angeles del Pedregal Hospital México +525568 6917 y +525652 9786

By Lorena Amescua

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