Latam flight chronicle

By: Luciano Allegui

It's time to go home, after a month and four days in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut province. My flight was to Buenos Aires, Aeroparque (AEP)

I arrived at the Enrique Mosconi airport, I find the terminal completely full, since at 3 in the morning there are 3 flights to Buenos Aires. Andes, Latam and Aerolineas Argentinas.

I entered the queue to deliver luggage with passengers who had already checked in; Marianela, a traffic officer, asks me if I want to change my seat, offering me row 2, when I was in row 26. Without a doubt I accepted, but I didn't realize that it happened to the aisle and not the window as we #AvGeeks want.

At the time of passing by the post of the PSA (Airport Security Police), I meet angry passengers, since they had asked them to take off their shoes. Complaints were noted and they wanted to enter pre-shipment quickly.

After going through the security post, I went to the pre-boarding hall that was completely full. Shortly after entering, they announce the boarding of my flight. That was agile, since they do it in groups.

Already seated in my assigned place and about to leave, the TCP's began to deliver magazines and colors to the children and cell phone holders to the rest of the passengers, we were 151 people bound for Buenos Aires.

The captain introduces himself, welcomes us to his flight, and informs us that there will be slight turbulence upon departure and throughout the flight. At 03:03 hours we took off from runway 25 of CRD.

We reached the cruising height of 38,000ft and a speed of 877km / h. When the seat belt fastened signal goes out, unexpected turbulence seizes us, the signal came on again.

After a few minutes and passing through an area of slight turbulence, the onboard service begins. The Head of On-Board Service and the TCP'S pass by offering us a variety of drinks, tea or coffee accompanied by a snack.

The flight continued after 1 hour and 30 minutes, those sudden movements continued, through the window I could see storm clouds beginning the descent and the approach to Aeroparque, and as the commander had told us, Buenos Aires was waiting for us with a lot of wind that it kept shaking the plane. We landed 05:04, ahead 13 minutes.

I want to thank Hernán, with whom I had the opportunity to cross a few words in the galley, he also provided me with flight details.

Very satisfied with the attention provided by the Latam Argentina crew composed of:

Commander Gabriel; as first officer Rodrigo; Head of service on board, Cecilia and the TCP'S, Hernán, Silvina and Victoria.

Super attentive, friendly and good disposition.

Without a doubt, I would choose Latam again for another trip.

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